MOPS – “my ops” – a personal operations application.

Personal file management.  Make all of your files accessible, organized and backed up for free, using open source software.

Home control/Smart home.  Your home is your biggest investment.  It should be secure, comfortable and efficient.  However, we are a long way from this being a reality.

Personal health and fitness.  You want to feel and look the best you can.  You want to live a long and healthy life.  But it’s a complex situation.  It’s hard to know what to monitor, let alone actually doing it.  And the latest thinking on diet, exercise and supplements seem to constantly change.  These are all tied together and should be monitored, analyzed and acted upon holistically.

Automotive maintenance automation and service.  Your car is a big investment.  But making sure it’s running properly and gets the proper maintenance is difficult and time consuming.  A service needs to be created that links qualified mechanics to your vehicle to ensure it keeps running smoothly.

Why is my computer slow? At some point, almost all computer systems are perceived as “slow”.  Whether it’s a momentary delay or constant sluggishness, we want to know what the issue is and what we can do about it.  This application runs on any computer – desktop, laptop, phone, and even servers – and tells you what the issues are and what to do about them.

Great live music videos with crowd sourced video and direct-off-the-mixer audio.  YouTube videos are full of videos of live bands shot off of cell phones.  While the visual part of the video is often good enough, the audio is usually somewhere between bad and horrible.  However, the band has access to the mix right off of the mixing board.  This service combines the great sound provided by the band with ‘crowd sourced’ video to create a live video that is both great to watch and to listen to.

Simple nutritional guidance and open grocery data.  Despite increased government labeling and a seemingly infinite number of web sites that tell you what to eat, most people are still quite confused when they walk into the grocery store.  This service combines the latest real nutritional information with a person or family’s health goals and the food available in their local stores to create a menu that fits them best.

Password Manager.  Open source, simple.